Be an observer of your life; not a participant in it

By | January 4, 2020

Few years ago, when I had purchased the car that came with built-in SiriusXM, I got a call from their salesperson. As she concluded the corporate sales pitch script very diligently, I asked, ‘… but why so serious?’ It dawned on her that I was playing with words when I chuckled and said, ‘Batman… Joker… The Dark Knight’.

I must have been in one of my rare good moods because I am often reminded that the funny bone in my body must have been surgically removed at the time of my birth. But then, it may be that my comment was very serious indeed.

I do not know if it came to me or I read it somewhere; the best way to live is to be an observer of your life and not a participant in it. I try and remind myself of this whenever I get very worked up on something that’s outside my control, which almost everything in life is. The challenge with every passing year of life is to declutter your mind and keep dusting off the false perceptions one has about oneself. Never take life so seriously that it become a hurdle to actually living it.

So, I thought to myself that in 2020 I will start to loosen up a bit. Laugh a little, like, at least three times in the year; relax a little more, like take a two hour naps instead of one; get back to being sarcastic and making fun of everyone and everything that catches my fancy.

If you folks think I am just kidding, I’d like to say that I do intend to take it very seriously. After all, being happy is a very serious business ?

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