Brief about me…

Accomplished and results-oriented leader with a breadth of experience in multifarious leadership roles. Worked across entire software stack with hands on experience. Created, managed and matured cross-functional and cross-geo organizations (US, Europe and Asia). Worked with executive level staff on strategic programs. Experienced in AI/ML, Digital Transformation, Agile Transformation, Innovation Harvesting and Organizational Transformation.

Well versed with various development methodologies, including Agile/SCRUM, and program lifecycle cycle processes. Published author of books and articles on technology, strategy, management and leadership topics including AI, IoT, Cloud Computing and innovation

Core skills: Technical leadership, Organizational transformation, Innovation harvesting.

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Conversations - A collection of short stories and poems

The latest edition (2024) is now published and available on Amazon and other platforms.

After a hiatus of 10+ years the book came back in print in 2019 with minor updates. A collection of stories and poems that reflect on life and relationships are bound to make you have some conversations of your own.

The book was first published in the US and then in India. It went out of print in ~2014 but was brought back to life in 2019.

The new edition (2024) is now available on Amazon and other platforms. I have made improvements in readability and added few tips about AI.

When your peers and competitors are as qualified and competent as you are, then how do you create a differentiator for yourself in the workplace?

This book is a primer on most essential soft skills that will help you create a compelling advantage against your competitors. More often than not, I have observed that whenever someone is stuck in their career progression, they focus on getting more technical certifications and still stay stuck where they were, never realizing that it may be lack of soft skills that are the real hurdle

In this sci-fi short story, I posit that no intelligence can ever surpass that of its creator’s

When the CEOs of the world’s top two software organizations quit their jobs to create AI to govern mankind, they thought they were paving the path to Utopia. It delighted many but created deep unrest in the hearts of some; shadowy figures, who saw the power slipping through their fingers.

We’ve always asked — Will AI take over humanity? Maybe it is time now to ask — Will we let it?