Brief about me…

My PicExperienced in technical and organizational leadership roles to deliver software applications and solutions across multiple domains and platforms. Recent experience includes technical program management, product management, product scope definition, architecture and deployment of software solutions using agile, iterative and waterfall software development methodologies. Managed and actively contributed to projects related to IoT, mobile apps, cloud adoption and migration, wireless displays, and new innovative technologies. Built and managed cross functional and cross geo organizations with motivated workforce and restrained attrition.  Earlier experience includes, consulting, account management and startups.

Worked with CIO and staff on strategic programs for technology and business transformation. Published author of books and articles on technology, strategy, management and leadership in topics including, IoT, Cloud Computing and innovation. Most recent books are a sci-fi short story and a primer on career management & soft-skills.

Effective communicator with public speaking skills, strong stakeholder management, ability to influence at senior management levels, planning, coordination and analytical skills with strong technology background… More


Rise: Essential soft-skills for career managementNow available: Rise: Essential soft-skills for career management. 

This book is a primer on most essential soft-skills that one needs to plan and manage their career. More often than not, I have observed that whenever someone is stuck in their career progression they focus on getting more technical certifications and still stay stuck where they were, never realizing that it may be lack of soft-skills that are the hurdle

New!: AI.GOV

When the CEOs of the world’s top two software organizations quit their jobs to create AI to govern mankind, they thought they were paving the path to Utopia. It delighted many, but created deep unease in the hearts of some. Shadowy figures, who saw power slipping through their fingers.

We’ve always asked — Will AI take over humans? Maybe it is time now to ask — Will we let it?

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