Books and e-books

conversationConversations: It’s back! This book is now back in print with minor updates.

A collection of stories and poems that reflect on life and relationships and are bound to make you have some conversations of your own.

Rise: Essential soft-skills for career managementRise: Essential soft skills for career management.

This book is a primer on most essential soft skills that one needs to plan and manage their career. More often than not, I have observed that whenever someone is stuck in their career progression, they focus on getting more technical certifications and still stay stuck where they were, never realizing that it may be lack of soft skills that are the hurdle.


What would happen if an artificial intelligence is created to take over our government? Will it bring Utopia or doomsday scenario?

My first attempt at this genre 🙂

Cloud computing: A practioner's guideCloud Computing: A practitioner’s guide.

Targeted towards CIOs and senior IT leaders to help develop cloud adoption and migration strategies. The book also provides a primer on cloud computing and related technologies for the newcomers to this domain.


Driving Handbook

Back in 2002, to help improve driving habits in India I created a handbook for driving by using the framework of California’s DMV handbook.

Times of India (one of the most popular daily newspapers in India), in Bangalore, came to know about this effort and wrote an article on it. The article created a huge wave of awareness and got such overwhelming response that they then did a follow up article on it. You can download your own copy of the driving handbook.

You can also help me in this effort of making our roads safer and educating the drivers by forwarding the link or the handbook to your friends and family.

The following books are out of print but may be available as used books How to map out a viable e-strategy. 

This book was published in 2001 by McGraw-Hill in India.  Targeted at CIOs and senior IT leaders, the book provides a framework on developing and executing on an effective e-strategy for your organization. I recently browsed through the copy I have and was pleasantly surprised that most of the concepts and ideas I share are still relevant today!