The R-Quadrant

By | May 12, 2019

The discussion started around one of the important traits of a good and effective leader – the say-do ratio. I have used this as an important parameter to evaluate others and my own leadership, whenever I was in such a role. Soon the discussion diverted to old friends and acquaintances, but a thought lingered in my mind. Doesn’t the say-do ratio also apply to personal relations?

While one’s relationship with a leader in the organization is seldom personal; in personal relationships there is always high level of emotional investment. This is why, in the event of help needed, we are more disappointed with the people we know and trust than with strangers.

With this backdrop I created the ‘R-Quadrant’ or Relationship-Quadrant to map out your relationships. I know, I know. It appears to be very cold-hearted effort to put names of your loved ones in each quadrant but isn’t that what we do when we gossip, complain and judge our friends and family? I’m just giving a (pseudo) scientific method to simplify the process and save you from the agony of gossiping ?

The only caveat is that as you happily throw names in each quadrant, also place your name in the quadrant of the people you are grading ?

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