The baggage you carry

By | October 4, 2016

Watched the movie ‘Pink’. Risking the wrath of armchair activists at home, I dare say that the movie was below average, but it did make me think. The social norms, prejudices, perceptions and character judgments shaped by media and society, influence each of us on a daily basis. It is said that a lie repeated seven times becomes a truth.

I was reminded of an ex-colleague of mine who, having learnt that I have certain affection to single malts and good wine, said, “I can’t believe you drink. You are such a nice person”! For the record, I took strong objection to the latter half of this statement. This person was brought up fearing anyone who even touches a bottle, forget drink some of its content.

Unfortunately, we live in social media times that teach us to first pass a judgement and then evaluate. The pictures are painted with such broad strokes that what would statistically be exception appears to be a norm. Our heartbeat gets faster if we see someone with a certain style of turban and a beard sits next to us. We pass character judgement on someone who dresses a certain way or enjoys a certain lifestyle. We pass moral judgement on a person who appears to enjoy earned wealth. Our fears, perceptions and prejudices shape who we become. So, I figured…

पूछे थे सवाल ज़िन्दगी से जो कभी,

आज उन्ही के जवाब

बने फिर रहे हैं हम !

आक्रोश होता था

जिन रीती-रिवाजों से हमे,

आज उन्हीं में एक नियम का

संकून पा रहे हैं हम !

घिन आती थी 

दुनियादारी के जिन मुखोटों पे,

आज वैसे ही एक मुखोटे की आड़ में

जिए जा रहे हैं हम !

पूछे थे सवाल ज़िन्दगी से जो कभी,

आज उन्ही के जवाब

बने फिर रहे हैं हम !

       --- राजीव नंदा

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