Lessons learned.. or not!

By | June 12, 2021

The story, if it can be called such, was very poignant. It goes like this – A couple moved into a house that had the forest as its backyard. One day the man went for a walk in the forest and saw a branch full of chrysalis ready to metamorphosize into butterflies. He had read about the struggles of the butterflies to break free from the cocoon of chrysalis, so he went back home to get a pair of scissors. Meticulously, he nipped the shell of each chrysalis to make it easier for the butterflies.

He would walk to the tree every day to keep an eye on how the butterflies were developing. To his dismay, each and every butterfly fell and dropped dead as soon as it broke free of the shell. He later found out that the nature intended to make the shell harder as it helped strengthen the wings of the butterfly as it broke free, thereby enabling it to fly. By snipping the shell, he was responsible for their death!

In one of my earlier blogs, I mused that natural laws have no pity. I would further it that they are there for a reason. We meddle with them and then cry foul! Imagine, if humans were to run the Universe?

  • The Lion would continue to hunt even after having its fill
  • The gravity would work differently on an old woman that slipped vs. someone young and healthy
  • The water for your beverage would boil faster if you were running late for a meeting
  • The flower would not bloom in a forest because there is no one around to appreciate its beauty
  • The trees would not sway and dance with the wind as the sun is scorching mid-afternoon

In fact, why go that far…

  • Your digestive system would work overtime the night you had a feast
  • Your body will hold back on releasing Cortisol because your boss is hard on you
  • Your skin would appear more lustrous… hair blacker… teeth whiter… because you are appearing for an interview
  • you get my gist

When the first wave of Covid pandemic had struck the world, I had hoped that this would humble us. We would realize that we are as much part of this nature as everything else on this Earth, including the virus. We have no choice but to act and react according to the laws that govern us all.

Sadly, my doubts have been increasing over time. Watching the news, reading the op-eds, listening to people, I am coming to the conclusion that our hatred and fears drive us more than our love and compassion towards each other.

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