When your mind is full of s***; don’t try this

By | September 9, 2015

My stress was stressing me out further.  The more I tried to calm my mind more it added to the stress.  My mind refused to obey my mind… well, for the record, so does my body.

Then I read somewhere that meditation can help. There seem to be many different methods, but the most talked about is mindfulness. Using this technique, you are encouraged to observe your wandering thoughts and simply be aware of each mental note as it arises. The intent being not to get involved with the thoughts or to judge them.

Here’s my log from my recent attempt at mindfulness meditation.

7:00:00 – Ok, let’s try this mindfulness technique.  Let’s see what thoughts come to my mind


7:00:03 – When’s my first meeting?  I think it was at 9:30, but it may have shifted.  John always shifts meetings at the last moment

7:00:05 – Stay calm… it’s still 7:00 AM.  Count to ten

7:00:06 – One

7:00:07 – What if he pre-poned the meeting?  He’s a loose cannon.  The last time I missed the meeting he managed to piss off everyone.  Wasted more than one week in unnecessary meetings.  The $#&^% idiot needs to learn some communication skills.  Melissa got offended by his comment that was borderline sexist.  I better have a chat with his manager

7:00:15 – Aaaaah Melissa!… [Censored]

7:17:45 – Holy %$@*&!  What time is it?!?!

The hand involuntarily reaches out to the mobile phone.  Remember, I told you that even my body does not obey my mind.

I tried… I tried hard… so hard that it further stressed me out!  The moral of the story is that one should not try mindfulness when one’s mind is full of sh** 🙂

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