Have some conversations…

I believe that being lucky is a perspective. To see the glass as half-full (borrowing from the old cliché) takes practice and determination to view life from the positive angle. It is easier to whine and sulk at everything that goes wrong with you or blame the world around you for your misfortunes. Over the years, I’ve learned that all this negativity does not result in anything other than cynicism, more negative feelings and ill health. If you really have to feel sorry for yourself, make it short and get over it fast because life is too short to waste on petty matters.

Life involves risk, whether it be chasing dreams or nurturing relationships simply surviving in a complicated world. This book presents a series of discussions between ordinary individuals about the risks they have taken and the price they have paid. Each story follows a theme relevant to anyone who has experienced a long life or death, dreams or futility, love or broken relationships.

Praise for Conversations

“…heartfelt chronicle of a man talking to himself…As the reader listens in, he feels reconnected to his own inner conversation”  – Arthur Melzer, author of The Natural Goodness of Man

“…an introspective collection of stories that treat philosophy literarily and literature philosophically…”  – Shikha Dalmia, an award winning journalist, a senior analyst at Reason Foundation and a columnist for The Daily

“…a tour de force of realism wedded to elegant prose and lyrical poetry” – [late] Allen Mendonca, Consulting Editor, 080 magazine & explocity.com