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Socializing the enterprise

Enterprise Social Networks (ESN) have been in focus since public social media sites and tools like Facebook and Twitter have gained in popularity and use.  In the last couple of years many tools have been introduced that attempt to mimic the public social media and attempt to streamline the communications among globally spread co-workers… continue… Read More »

EoT – Integrating IoT into the enterprise

In case you haven’t paid close attention, another acronym has been gaining ground on the heels of IoT (Internet of Things).  The new term, EoT (Enterprise of Things), is about IoT’s impact to and integration into the enterprise.  In my previous blog, I wrote about how IoT will dramatically change the way we work and… Read More »

IoT- The last missing piece of the puzzle

It was early 1995 when I first heard of something called Mosaic that one could download to browse a rapidly evolving cluster of web-sites. At that time, the number of web-sites online was somewhere around twenty thousand, but growing rapidly. When I internalized the implications of what I saw, I told my wife that this… Read More »

Let’s talk mobility

The IDC report, similar to Reuters, talk about slowing growth rate of smartphone and tablet sales. This year’s Mobile World Congress (MWS) has confirmed what the sales figures had hinted earlier. If you did not notice, two things are confirmed by what have been the highlights of MWS – 1) the pace of innovation in… Read More »