Hobby Projects

I have always believed that one should have one or more hobby projects humming in the background to keep your personal motivation and creative juices flowing. This becomes even more important as you cross over from the noon of your life and are racing towards the dusk and the night. Below are my current hobby projects that I am nurturing during my free time.

I recently started this podcast (July 2023) with a friend to ponder upon the topics that challenge the narrative we are fed and fail to recognize the lies we tell ourselves on a daily basis.

The podcast is available on most popular platforms. The links are available on the website.

If you like what we are doing, do consider dropping few coins in our begging bowl 🙂

Interestingly, my introduction to Carl Jung’s work was through the rock/pop album ‘Synchronicity’ by ‘The Police’. Since then, I have been fascinated with sleep and dream analysis. Come to think of it, we spend ~33% of our lives sleeping (8 hours per 24 hours) and ~10% of our lives in REM sleep (~25% of sleep cycle) and we know nothing about it! We do dream every time we sleep, as long as the sleep duration is more than 30 minutes. Most of us do not remember our dreams… and that, I think, is pity.

This project came about due to my desire to use AI to help us interpret our dreams so that we can enrich our lives by the messages sent to us by our subconscious. I launched it in 2019 and integrated with OpenAI in early 2023 to use its LLM for generative AI tasks.

Try it out!

What good is knowledge, if not distributed freely! In this spirit, I created a YouTube channel where I plan to post short videos on various topics. To start with, I picked the new shinny object of the tech world – artificial intelligence. Subscribe and share the channel and send me your feedback on how I can improve it and what topics I should talk about.

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