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Conversations - A collection of short stories and poems


One cannot escape one’s destiny. It not only applies to people but also everything else in this world, including books. When, almost a decade ago, the book went out of print, I never imagined that it would ever get back in print. The journey of this book started in 2004 in the US. It came to India in 2009 and, after a hiatus of about 10+ years, is now getting back into print in 2021. The 2024 edition improves upon the previous by adding couple of new poems.

Given that I did not spend any time, money or energy on marketing, the book found itself few readers. Some loved it and some found it painful to read. My gratitude goes to all those who read and shared their views on it. I expect my readers to be brutally honest about their feedback and opinions about the book. That is the only way it will fulfil its desired destiny.

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Join me for some Conversations of your own.

Here are some comments from folks who read the earlier edition (2011) of the book. The current edition does not have all the poems from the earlier edition.

“…the heartfelt chronicle of a man talking to himself…As the reader listens in, he feels reconnected to his own inner conversation.” — ~ Arthur Melzer, author of The Natural Goodness of Man

“…an introspective collection of stories that treat philosophy literarily and literature philosophically.” — ~ Shikha Dalmia, award-winning columnist for Reason Magazine, the Wall Street Journal, and the Los Angeles Times

“There is much delight for the discerning reader in Conversations.” — ~Dr. H. V. Rangachar, author of The Hill Temple and Tarageleya Harata

Check your heart warmth and life-o-meter with Conversations. Rajeev Nanda has done a commendable job by penning down an altogether distinct though process each one of us go through during one phase or the other in our lifetime. While reading this book I felt bad almost every time I had to leave the book in between for one reason of the other. It was thoroughly engrossing irrespective of whether I was reading a one page poem from ‘Conversations’ or a multiple pages story; and equally thought provoking… more — ~Jaideep Khanduja

Conversations are a part of our daily grind – the memorable moments and also the ones we’d rather forget. Some are stimulating, some are mundane. They capture thoughts of the speakers and the silence around them captures the unspoken expressions. One kind word can warm three winter months says a Japanese proverb. At the same time, the wounds by words are deeper than those by swords. It is this magic of words and situations that Rajeev Nanda has beautifully captured in his first fiction book… more — ~Devika