No intelligence will ever surpass that of its creator’s…

When the CEOs of the world’s top two software organizations quit to create artificial intelligence (AI) to govern mankind, they thought they were paving the path to Utopia. It delighted many but created unease in the hearts of some. Shadowy figures and vested interests, who saw power slipping through their fingers, decide to unite and take action.

We have always asked – Will AI take over humanity? Maybe it is time to ask – Will we let it?

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“Da, you are asking very good questions,” Sundar said, as he looked reassuringly at his parents to make them feel comfortable with the discussion.

Venkat nodded in agreement, “Yes, Da. I agree with Sundar. Frankly, I am pleasantly surprised at this conversation. I would have loved to have similar discussions every time I visited home.”

“…but you are always on a flying visit. There’s just enough time to meet and greet you. This is the first time we are having such a relaxed dinner,” the loving pain came out clear in Da’s voice.

He cleared his throat to regain his composure before continuing, “Anyways, let’s get back to the discussion.”

Sundar’s father added his comment, “Da, by all economic measures the technologies their companies have created, have created enormous wealth for millions of people.”

Nagaraj smiled and nodded in agreement, “Yes, Da. Their companies and their technologies have made many people very rich.”

Da looked at his son, “… but has it enriched people’s lives? I know it’s a subjective measure… but let’s not digress.”

By now everyone at the table was deeply interested. Da took another sip before continuing, “So, given that you boys have disrupted multiple industries and revolutionized how people work, connect with each other, get entertained or get their news and information, why haven’t you disrupted the most painful, the most corrupt blood-sucking blot on humanity?” He raised his eyebrows and smiled a mischievous smile.

Everyone looked puzzled. Sundar asked, “And what may that be, Da”?

“The government.”

“But we are working with governments around the world to simplify processes, bring transparency and get citizens engaged,” Sundar and Venkat spoke in unison, still puzzled.

“No, no, no…” Da raised his hand and waved his index finger. “You boys seem to have lost your disruptive thinking. I am not talking about automating bureaucracy. That will just make the pain and blood-sucking more efficient. I’m talking about disrupting it… abolishing it… getting rid of it.” He made a gesture of explosion to demonstrate his point.